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The Divine Comedy

Лейбл: Concert Live
The Divine Comedy: Live at Somerset House
31 января 2011
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Композиции [24]

1. Snowball In Negative
2. The Complete Banker
3. Assume the Perpendicular
4. At the Indie Disco
5. Everybody Knows (Except You)
6. Time To Pretend
7. Geronimo
8. Your Daddy's Car
9. The Pop Singers Fear of the Pollen Count
10. Don't Look Down
11. National Express
12. A Lady of Certain Age
13. If...
14. Songs of Love
15. Neapolitan Girl
16. When a Man Cries
17. Becoming More Like Alfie
18. Have You Ever Been In Love
19. Our Mutual Friend
20. Tonight We Fly
21. Can You Stand Upon One Leg
22. I Like
23. Jiggery Pokery
24. Down In the Street Below

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