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MTV Unplugged in Athens
2 декабря 2013
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Композиции [26]

1. Sting in the Tail
2. Can't Live Without You
3. Pictured Life
4. Speedy's Coming
5. Born to Touch Your Feeling
6. The Best Is Yet to Come
7. Dancing with the Moonlight
8. In trance
9. When You Came into My Life
10. Delicate Dance [Matthias Solo]
11. Love Is the Answer [Rudolf Solo]
12. Follow Your Heart [Klaus Solo]
13. Send Me an Angel
14. Where the River Flows
15. Passion Rules the Game
16. Rock you like a Hurricane
17. Hit Between the Eyes
18. Drum-Athenica, PiTTi vs. James
19. Rock 'n' Roll Band
20. Blackout
21. Still Loving You
22. Big city nights
23. Wind of Change
24. No one like you
25. When the Smoke Is Going Down
26. Making Of [Documentary]

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