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James Vincent Mcmorrow

Лейбл: Believe Digital
Early In The Morning
2010 год
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Композиции [15]

1. Sparrow & The Wolf 3:42
1. If I Had A Boat 3:54
1. This Old Dark Machine 4:15
1. We Don't Eat 4:52
1. Hear The Noise That Moves So Soft and Low
1. Breaking Hearts
1. Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
1. Down The Burning Ropes
1. From The Woods!
1. And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop
1. Early In The Morning
1. We Are Ghosts
1. Higher Love
1. Wicked Game (Recorded Live At St. Canice Cathedral, Kilkenny)
1. We Don't Eat (Acoustic Version)

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